Premier North Georgia Maternity, Newborn, and Young Family Film Photographer.

After specializing in weddings for over 7 years, I've recently also discovered a love of motherhood, newborn, and young family photography (mostly on film). 

It's not a coincidence that this discovery happened after Olivia came into our lives. Motherhood has changed me. Before I really got the bug to have a child, I couldn't quite relate to the friends whose IG feeds became a gallery of their children (now I'm one of them). I thought it was funny how every parent was sure their child was the smartest, cutest, sweetest... but now I'm positive that Olivia is all of those things. My rose colored glasses aren't so shaded that I'm protected from her tantrums or hard days, and we're quickly approaching the stubborn "threenager" stage, but the struggle to have her makes me appreciate motherhood in a way I can't put into words. 

              "For this child I prayed..." 1 Samuel 1:27
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My personal style is relaxed and natural, and so is my photography. I prefer simple over ornate and real over staged. I rarely work with props, unless they have special, personal meaning. This is especially true with newborns – they’re naturally beautiful. I want you to remember the way your newborn curled up her legs as you lifted her to your chest or the way her arms would stretch out as soon as you loosened her swaddle (one of my favorite memories of my own daughter). 

Infancy is gone in a flash. Toddlers become teenagers, and then all too soon they move out on their own. Then we'll be the mommas telling new parents how quickly it all goes by. I want to help you "remember when" and create heirloom portraits to share with your children and family as they grow. Time slips through our fingers, but we hold onto the memories.

I believe in having fewer possessions and spending more for quality. Create heirlooms, hang portraits of the ones you love, and surround yourself with lovely things that make you feel at home.

Serving Macon, Metro Atlanta, Roswell, Marietta, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Cumming, Suanee, Gwinnett, Canton and all of North Georgia.