Files Get Lost in Memories

"Can I purchase the digital images?" It's the question I get most often, and my answer is, "Of course!" Having digital images is definitely a perk - a way of archiving - just like film negatives are archival. But we shouldn't leave all of our digital files to sit and degrade over time (yep, they do that) on hard drives.

Files get lost in memories

My guess is there's a good chance that you have a favorite certain photo, but you're not quite sure where it is. You're pretty sure you saved it on your computer, but it would take some sleuthing to find it. Or God forbid, maybe you had some favorite images that were lost to a hard drive failure (sadly all too common), and you didn't have them backed them up to a second location. There's also a really good chance you were given a CD of images, but now your computer is like mine, and it doesn't even have a hard drive. Well, that's a bummer.

Memories on Paper

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Technology changes, the way photographers deliver images changes, but prints are lasting. Flipping through 4x6's, passing them around with family and friends, and turning the pages of albums are bonding experiences. Walking down a hallway filled with photographs brings back memories of snuggling with tiny newborn babies, grandparents passed, vacations you wish you could take again - memories that might be hidden deeper if not for the reminders on the wall or within the covers of albums.

What I Offer My Clients

I recently read a blog post from photographer Sandra Coan, titled "The Power of One Photo" and I agreed with every word she wrote. Essentially, her goal is to create one photo from each session that is so beautiful that it deserves to be printed, which then makes it a family heirloom. That's exactly what I want to do for you. I want to create photos that you love SO MUCH that you can't imagine them simply sitting on a hard drive - they have to be framed on the wall or printed in an heirloom album to be enjoyed each time you pass by or open the pages.

Do I Need To Be In The Pictures? | Denver Newborn Photographer

I adore photographing the joy that newborns bring to their families - which is the very reason why I think parents and siblings should be included in newborn sessions. The baby is the reason for the session, but it's also about so much more. 

Newborn Family Photography

Newborn sessions celebrate the excitement of an older sibling getting to know his baby brother. It's about the rejoicing of parents, and the new family they've formed - sometimes after great struggles. It's about new life, new families, and new dynamics.

Do you have old family photos from when you were a baby or child? Most of us do, and if you're like me, you love seeing what your parents and siblings looked like years ago. You may have even reached (or surpassed) the age your parents were when they had you. Isn't it incredible seeing your family members in the past - at the same stage in life as you now? This is why you need to be in your baby's newborn photos! 

As your children grow, they'll enjoy looking back at their baby pictures just as you do. They'll see the joy in your smile, the love in your arms, and the gentle way you kissed their forehead. 

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