Cumming Alpharetta Atlanta Georgia Newborn Photographer

Clean backgrounds and minimal styling ensure timeless photos.

Denver, CO Studio

  • Studio lighting ensures you'll have bright and beautiful photos, no matter the weather or time of day. No need to reschedule if it's raining outside!

  • The studio is especially wonderful for newborn sessions since you have enough on your mind without having to clean house! The studio has a bed and chairs for photos, and comfortable spots for nursing/feeding baby and changing diapers.

  • Simple = Timeless, and the studio is ideal for creating clean and classic portraits that will always be in style.

Your Home

  • Home is where your personal style shines, and if you're at ease at home, it'll show in your photos.

  • Pets are family too! If you're wanting to include Fido and Kitty in your photos, your home or the outdoors will be the best options.

Atlanta Cumming Alpharetta Newborn Photography

Home is where your story begins.